Tactical Ops : Assault on Terror


04. November 2008

The ESE Team releases TOST4409 for Tactical Ops 3.5 and also a new Client
Future Plans are to release next Week the ESEClient 0920 with TOST4410

22. August 2008

The ESE Team releases TOST4408 for Tactical Ops 3.5 with a changeable demorec Icon

20. July 2008

The ESE Team releases TOST4407 for Tactical Ops 3.5 with a new Demorec Icon

30. May 2008

As you could have seen the most populair server Ctfserver.com Public has closed.
But they found new Admins and Sponsors, so the Ctfserver.com gameserver is Up again!
You can find us in the Server list. All are welcome

21. March 2008

In co-op with the clan {FnV} www.fnvclan.nl nattoladder had decided to add a ladder for Tactical Ops 3.4.
There are at the moment not so many Clans registered - so if you are interessted to fight interesting wars - join the nato ladder.
Link: http://nato-ladder.com/show_ladder.php?lid=67

10.February 2008

Some Months later, i got informed about some interessting Websites:
Polish Community Page: http://www.to.whiterabbit.pl
German Community Page: http://3-4-community.de.to/
Don't be too shy to give me more usefull links :)

12.November 2007

A new Link for a new big Downloadarea got added:

23.August 2007

TOSTTools 1340 got made.
This File use an other TOSTVersion Checklist, so all the TOST is outdated Warnings should be gone, until a new TOSt update.
For Serveradmins only:
Download the file here: TOSTTools_1340_TO340

28.June 2007

Some People asked for a TO340 Server with newest TOST and so on.
You can download it here: TO340-Server

And i added a Link for the first League i got reported

27.June 2007

Hello Community,
This is a News-Page about Tactical Ops : Assault on Terror
We are working to get this Newspage working again.


The official Tactical Ops Forum is on: http://forums.Tactical-Ops.to
The official Homepage is: http://www.Tactical-Ops.de

Looking for some new Maps? http://www.levelrating.com is your Place :)
Another big DownloadArea is here: http://www.spielwieseserver.de

Interessted in some 'Scene' News?
For germans: Check TO-Live @ http://www.to-live.de
Polish Community Page: http://www.to.whiterabbit.pl
An other German Community Page: http://3-4-community.de.to/

But one good Page over the hole TO, from S.W.A.T. to TO350 is: http://www.to-center.net
You will find many Downloads on that Homepage,too.


OpenGL Driver that TOST request - please copy it to your System Folder where your TacticalOps.exe located is:

For those People with the TO Retrail Version (means you bought TacticalOps in a shop):
There is an official Patch: Tactical Ops 3.4 Patch
Here is a ready TO340 Server: TO340-Server

There is also an unofficial Patch made by some Community-Coder:
This Patch is NOT supported by Kamehan Studios or Atari or Epic Games:
Tactical Ops 3.5 Community Patch

TO340 is running with TOST42 as Anti-Cheat-Engine
TO350 is running with TOST43 as Anti-Cheat-Engine
The official TOST Homepage is: http://TOST.Tactical-Ops.de

Leagues for TO340

NATO-Ladder: www.nato-ladder.com


Some Links are not working? Questions?

QuakeNet #ESE

If YOU want to organize a league / weekend-Competition you can contact me too :) - maybe you can read some advert about it here.
Or maybe you have some new Scene-Pages / Anticheat Informations / whatever - contact me too.